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What a night!

I was feeling quite emotional being in the midst of so many fellow Singaporeans and felt really honoured to give a little speech and to present my cookbook at the raffle.

I ‘fed’ the dancing Chinese lion a tangerine and he peeled it and returned the blessing to me, very lucky got to rub his head too. It was my son’s first 10 course banquet, delicious food by Royal China Baker Street feeding 195 guests.

It was so fun to meet so many Singaporean business people based in London. Chatting to Cherish Finden we were reminiscing mutual friends from our time studying at SHATEC and working at Raffles Hotel Singapore, she’s so fun and bubbly. Mightily impressed how Ellen Chew is showcasing all things Singapore in the culinary world through her newest restaurant Singapulah.

We even won two prizes from the raffle, I can feel a fantastic and blessed year coming up in my bones! 😅🤣

Thank you for inviting us to the Singapore UK Association Chinese New Year dinner, Helena Lim-Poole we had such a blast!



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