Coconut and Pandan Crepe Rolls

Of Malay origin, these coconut and pandan flavoured crepes are busting with moist grated coconut cooked in rich palm sugar syrup.


Mango Filled Crepes

Created in Hong Kong’s ‘Tea Cafes’, these soft crepes are filled with Chantilly cream and sweet fresh fragrant mangoes.


Glutinous Rice in Salted Coconut Cream with Mangoes

Simple and heavenly  this Thai classic of sticky rice infused with salty-sweet coconut milk  is served with tender, sweet scented slices of mango.


Tapioca Pearls with Cantaloupe

Spheres of golden melon combined with the creaminess of whole milk, coconut milk and soft tapioca pearls makes this a satisfying and refreshing dessert.


Sago Pudding with Palm Sugar

The amalgamation of chewy sago pearls, rich and decadent salted coconut cream and deep   mellow butterscotch creates a simply heavenly treat!


Matcha Cupcakes

Moist green tea sponge cake has a surprise Lindor white chocolate hidden inside; piled high with light whipped green tea buttercream frosting.


Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is famous for its light texture; add the magic of decadent chocolate and this cake is irresistibly moreish, it almost doesn’t need that drizzle of chocolate ganache!


Pistachio Cake with Rose Frosting

A true classic flavour combination; light and moist pistachio cake layers, filled with a sweet and delicate rose flavoured buttercream decorated with piped roses for a pretty pink dessert that’s sure to delight!


Matcha Green Tea Truffles

Sweet creamy white chocolate perfectly balance by the grassy tones of Matcha green tea creating a lovely tang. These truffles are sophisticated and a delightful accompaniment to tea or as a little something sweet.



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