An Asian Fusion Dining
Mutually agreed date & time | From Lilian's Kitchen in Bury St. Edmunds

An Asian Fusion Dining

Experience a culinary journey through Asia in the comfort of your home!

Time & Location

Mutually agreed date & time
From Lilian's Kitchen in Bury St. Edmunds


£49 per person

Indian Tandoori Salmon Taco

Sizzled fresh salmon cubes marinated in warming tandoori marsala spices, encased in a soft steamed wheat taco, served with a creamy fresh coriander and garlic Greek yoghurt dip, street food in the comfort of your home


Hong Kong Honey & Hoi Sin Roast Duck in Lettuce Cup

Julienne of roast duck, cucumber, spring onion and beansprouts tossed in a zingy honey and hoisin sesame dressing served in lettuce cups topped with crispy duck skin


Indonesian Young Corn SatayTender young corn skewered on bamboo, basted with Indonesian kecap manis (caramelised soya sauce) sprinkled with finely diced banana shallots and fresh red chillies


Thai Green Chicken Curry

An authentic and aromatic curry, spicy with sweetness from palm sugar, its mild green colour derived from green chillies, fresh coriander, Thai sweet basil and kaffir lime leaves, slow cooked with succulent breast of chicken, white aubergine, young bamboo tips and straw mushrooms


Malaysian Ginger Rice

Fluffy white Jasmine rice with a hint of ginger and crispy fried shallots


Singapore Coconut Panna Cotta

Madagascan vanilla bean infused panna cotta served with fresh mango coulis

  • Asian Fusion £49pp

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