Singapore Malaysia Dining
Mutually agreed date & time | From Lilian's Kitchen in Bury St. Edmunds

Singapore Malaysia Dining

Experience a culinary journey through Singapore & Malaysia in the comfort of your home!

Time & Location

Mutually agreed date & time
From Lilian's Kitchen in Bury St. Edmunds


£46 per person 

Singapore Satay 

Succulent chicken pieces marinated in ground coriander and turmeric, served with cucumber, red onions, and a punchy peanut dipping sauce 


Peranakan Chicken Curry 

Peranakan cuisine is a fine hybrid of Chinese and Malay flavours, using an abundance of ingredients and techniques from both cultures. This curry has the wonderful flavour combinations of fragrant kaffir lime leaves, citrusy lemongrass, aromatic bark cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, spice from fresh red chillies, an undertone from star anise, slowly cooked with succulent chicken thigh and potatoes, finished with creamy coconut milk 


Singapore Wok Smoked Drunken Beef Noodles 

Tender stripes of beef marinated in Shaoxing Chinese rice wine and oyster sauce, flashed in a fiery hot wok and stir fried with egg noodles, Chinese greens and a generous sprinkle of beansprouts

Malaysian Ginger Jasmine Rice 

Fluffy white Jasmine rice cooked with slices of young ginger served with crispy fried shallots 


Chilled Cantaloupe Pearls 

Golden melon cubes combined with creamy coconut milk, soft tapioca pearls and caramelised palm sugar makes this a satisfying and refreshing dessert

  • Sin&M'sia £46pp

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