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Tempura prawns.HEIC
Ornigiri Spicy tuna rice ball.JPG
cucumber salad with Korean fermented bea
Mandu- Korean dumplings with  chilli oil

Japanese & Korean


California Roll with Teriyaki Chicken

Tender chicken marinated in Lilian’s Kitchen Teriyaki sauce, rolled in seasoned sushi rice on toasted seaweed, sprinkled with crispy onions


Korean Warm Cucumber Salad

Crunchy wok-smoked smashed cucumber with Gochujang hot pepper paste, light soya, sesame oil and white & black toasted sesame seeds


Chicken and Vegetable Udon

Thick chewy wheat noodles pan fried with succulent stripes of chicken, marinated shitake mushrooms and fresh spring onions, tossed in mirin, light soya sauce

and a light drizzle of sesame oil


Maki Roll

Toasted nori wrapped around vinegared rice, filled with crabsticks, cucumber and tuna in Japanese mayonnaise, served with soya sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi


Korean Mandu in Gochujang

Little pockets bursting with juicy pork, cabbage and spring onions. These dumplings are boiled then tossed in Korean fermented hot pepper paste, light soya, a drizzle of toasted sesame oil and chilli oil and a sprinkling of nutty sesame seeds



Delicious chewy sweet potato noodles, stir fried with wilted spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers and  carrots, all jested up with sweetened soya sauce and lavishly topped with nutty toasted sesame seeds and egg ribbons. Once a royal dish, it is now one of the most popular traditional celebration dishes and one of Korea's best-loved dishes


Spicy Tuna Onigiri

Pyramid shaped sushi with spicy tuna in Japanese mayonnaise


Japanese Pork and Cabbage Gyoza

Little pockets bursting with juicy pork, cabbage and spring onions fragranced with nutty sesame seed and Mirin. These dumplings are crispy on the bottom and soft on top, served with a Ponzu dip


Aubergine Tempura

Aubergine dipped in a light and crisp Japanese batter, serve with Ponzu dipping sauce



Hand shaped finger sushi selection; smoked salmon, nori surround with tuna mayo and Tamagoyaki (sweet rolled omelette), served with soya sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi


Tempura Prawns

Plump and juicy fresh prawns in a light Japanese batter, deep fried till crispy and golden; serve with a piquant dipping sauce


Crisp-fried Lotus Root Tempura

Deep fried crispy light batter over the crunchy and sweet lotus root, feast to the eye and the taste buds!



Hand-shaped cone sushi filled with a selection of avocado, crab sticks, sweet omelette and lemon mayo tuna


Nigiri Smoked Salmon Balls

Hand shaped smoked salmon sushi balls served with soya sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi


Wasabi King Prawns

Crisp fried prawns lightly tossed in a creamy wasabi, condensed milk and lemon mayonnaise, served with dices of mango, red onion and fresh coriander


Honey Roasted Teriyaki Salmon

Fresh salmon marinated in a punchy teriyaki glaze with honey and baked in a hot oven, served with blanched baby bak choy


Sticky Ginger Soya Edamame

These soya bean pods are literally finger licking and simply irresistible!


Korean Sticky Chicken

Succulent marinated chicken breast coated with a savoury sweet heat from Gochujang and honey giving it that trademark smoky spicy profile Korean food is so well known for. Served with steaming white rice with a generous sprinkling of toasted nutty sesame seeds and chopped spring onions


 Yakitori chicken

A Japanese style grilled marinated chicken skewered with green onions in a sticky soya glaze with flavours of sake and mirin



Marinated pork cutlet fried in Japanese panko giving it extra crunch. Serve with freshly shredded cabbage, steamed rice and Tonkatsu sauce

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