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Korean and Japanese?

I would love your opinion ...

I’m planning classes for later in the year and I’ve had a few mumurs of Korean please. I’m thinking of combining Korean and Japanese dishes in the same class.

Quick survey:

1. Would you like to learn to cook Korean & Japanese food?

2. Would Kimchi be one the must be included dish for the Korean selection?

3. Which three dishes would you choose?

- Korean fried chicken with sweet and spicy glaze (iconic street food so perfect with beer).

- Kimchi (so punchy in taste n so good for your gut. I’m sharing a simplier and quicker version to the classic kimchi).

- Crispy Korean pancake (just oh so delicious and versatile once you learn the basics).

- Japchae (chewy sweet potato noodles, savoury and full of umami flavours).

- Chicken Katsu (the legendary pairing with crispy panko crumbed chicken, Japanese curry sauce & cabbage slaw).

- Teriyaki salmon (master this go to sauce and pick up tips on handling and cooking salmon).

Email me your thoughts!


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